Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance extends the liability coverage above and beyond the limits you  already have with your auto and home.  Every policy has maximum limits so what happens when these limits are not enough? If you have a claim that exceeds those limits, would you have the money to pay out of pocket?

Accidents can happen, even at home. If someone were to claim an injury on your property, there’s no stopping them from affecting your finances, your house, or anything else you own that can be labeled as an asset. As the property owner, you could be held fully responsible for injuries to others that can occur due to hazardous conditions such as poor lighting, floor hazards, or falls resulting from snow or ice.

An umbrella policy will also protect you  against claims of libel and slander.  Which is more and more common with such a strong online presence. Many times people think in terms of a umbrella protecting your current assets. An umbrella policy will also protect your future earning, investments,  retirement funds and savings!

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