Homeowners Insurance

Oak Tree Insurance understands that your home is not just four walls and a roof.   Your home is likely your most valuable asset.   We want you to go to sleep soundly at night knowing that we have got your family’s assets fully protected.   We know each home is as unique as the people in them.  Our team of experts are here to simplify home insurance by learning your distinct circumstances and custom fitting  a product that fits your needs and your wallet.

Understanding your Home Insurance

Whether you own or rent, Home Insurance protects more than just the building.   Insurance on your home can cover your possessions and the personal liability of family members in your home.   As we review your policy with you, we will help clarify all the different coverage terms.

Here is an outline of the more important terms:

  • Dwelling – This is the term used for coverage to the actual building (home) and any attached structures like your “attached” garage. Understanding the limit of coverage you would need to reconstruct your home can be tricky.  Our experts can run a replacement cost estimate to calculate exactly how much it would cost to rebuild your home should you need to.
  • Other Structures – This is coverage for anything else in your yard that should be covered but is not attached to the house, for instance, your “detached” garage or a shed or a fence.
  • Personal Property – Insurance term for “all your stuff.” Think about all the items in your house that you own and would have to replace, furniture, clothing, appliances, electronics etc.
  • Scheduled Personal Property – You can increase the protection you have for high value items such as jewelry, fine art and/or other collectables.
  • Loss of Use – Depending on the extent of damages, you may not be able to live in your home while it is being fixed. This coverage will pay for your expenses while living in a hotel or renting another home.
  • Personal Liability – We live in a litigious society where lawsuits are common.   This coverage is protection for you and all family members living in your household if you are found responsible for an unintentional injury to another person or property.   Most common injuries might be a neighbor slipping in your driveway but this coverage also apply away from the home, for instance, if you child runs into someone with a grocery cart at the store.
  • Medical Payments to Others – This is an inexpensive coverage that would apply to the medical bills of any guest who was injured on your property.

Understanding what is NOT covered can be just as important as understanding what is.   Most Homeowners policies do not cover Flood or Earthquake.    Do you know if you have coverage for your Home Business?   Oak Tree is here to help you navigate through all of your options and the over two dozen carriers we represent as a local independent insurance agency.   Having so many carriers to call on puts us at a competitive advantage from those online carriers who only represent one company.    Our carriers know that they need to compete for your business, so we are sure to find you great coverage at a great price.   Also, don’t forget the discount for combining your home and auto insurance!  Contact us today about a quote.

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